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New to North America: Writing by U.S. Immigrants, Their Children and Grandchildren
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Just Released!
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New to North America:
Writing By U.S. Immigrants, Their Children
and Grandchildren, Second Edition

ISBN: 09650665-6-8

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Just Released!
New to North America:
Writing By U.S. Immigrants, Their Children
and Grandchildren,
Second Edition

Abby Lynn Bogomolny, Editor

ISBN-10: 09650665-6-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-9650665-6-3
376 pages, $29.95, paper

Abstract: New to North America is a collection of fiction, essays, poetry and memoir that documents the experiences and contributions of three critical generations from immigrant to second generation American. While the complex subject of immigration has been oversimplified by national headlines, the voices of immigrants have often been excluded from the debate. Our authors examine issues of identity, memory, assimilation, language, acceptance, struggle and the presence of "the American Dream." Used in history, anthrology, ethnic studies, geography and college composition classes, this text continues to voice relevant cultural themes.

Literature Contexturalized
Chapters 1-5 contain introductions written by Economist John Isbister, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences at Lauentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, and author of The Immigration Debate.

Authors include Cecilia Manguerra Brainard, Jose Antonio Burciaga, Suheir Hammad, Maria de los Rios, Vincent Corvino, Dan Georgakas, Joey Garcia, Chih Hao Huang, Sui Sin Far, Carolyn Flynn, Andrew Lam, Marie Lee, Morton Marcus, Tara L. Masih, Lyn Lifshin, Valerie Miner, Faye Moskowitz, Lola Rodriguez, Leslea Newman, Grace Paley, Tony Diaz, Joey Garcia, Nahid Rachlin, Abby Bogomolny and others!!!

New Second Edition Adds
+Suheir Hammad's epic, life-affirming poem, "First Writing Since"
+New version of Anjali Banerjee's Goddess of Learning"
+Updated "Looking to the Future, " the introduction to Chapter 6 that explains 9/11's impact on immigrants and changes to the country's landscape

+New poem, "We Are the Miracle"

Rave Reviews
Abby Bogomolny's collection of moving narratives, firsthand testimonials by people who have been excluded from voicing their own experiences, document in fiction, poetry, memoir and essay the crossing of cultural and linguistic borders and the precarious nature of negotiating life in the U.S. They celebrate la lucha (the struggle) y la esperanza (the hope) that keeps alive the immigrants' dream of a better life and the desire to contribute new ways of being and conocimientos (knowledges) to their adopted country. In this text of diverse voices, Bogomolny interweaves refreshing responses to the anti-immigration craze. It is a necessary addition to the immigrant debate and a must for courses in literature, International Studies and Multicultural and Ethnic Studies.
Gloria Anzaldua, author, Borderlands/La Frontera and Making Face, Making Soul/Hacienda Caras

Unlike many immigrant readers, New to North America strongly represents the experiences of people of color as well as people who arrived on the West coast of this land, rather than taking the European or Euro-American experience as the norm."
Feminist Bookstore News

"Poignant and sensitive, these short personal essay and poems speak from the heart and deepen our understanding of the immigrant experience—memories of war and deprivation; the struggle to balance a peace between ties to old ways and dreams of new opportunities; the contradictions between assimilation and cultural diversity and the negotiation of identity and cross generational tensions. I have used this book successfully for many years in my immigration and ethnicity classes and students inform me that it has opened their eyes and resonated with their own experiences."
Judith Marti, Professor, Department of Anthropology,
California State University, Northridge,
co-author of
Labor in Cross-Cultural Perspective (with
E. Paul Durrenberger) and
The Other Fifty Percent, Multicultural Perspectives on Gender Relations
(with Marti Womack).

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