Volume 2Fall 2001

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Hi. Welcome to the Fall 2001 of "In Our Own Words," the Ezine from BBBooks.
We are a grass roots organization, not a corporate entity, so we don't dance to the dollar sign. You can expect to find thought- provoking, creative, alternative writing, information and politics right here. We offer the "People Before Profits Poetry Prize" each year and offer all kinds of other stuff for writers, poets, students, educators, spiritual types, feminists, humanists, tradespeople and activists. We're people who follow their conscience, but like to have fun too!
The writers in this edition of "In Our Own Words" range in age from their 20s to their 80s. Much of the writing came from creative

writing classes held in Oakland, California, composition classes in San Francisco, CA and from writers across the country who sumbitted writing to "In Our Own Words" or our poetry contests.

Our editorial philosophy is simple: Writers respond to life; they chronicle our times and remind us what it is like to be human.
Extraordinary writing strikes a truth and reflects how life affects us. While vulgarity is often a part of our daily lives, vulgarity for the sake of shock value doesn't benefit anyone. We accept all styles and forms of poetry and prose. While the writing we've chosen reminds us that life isn't always pretty, we will always dream of it being extraordinary!

Authors in Fall 2001

Table of Contents

ARTICLES ABOUT WAR AND PEACE: Sept. 11 and its aftermath...
Noam Chomsky (Interview with): Why?

Deepak Chopra: The Deeper Wound

Jack Forbes: Native Intelligence
Jack Forbes: Native Intelligence: Will Congress Outlaw Terrorism?

Suheir Hammad: First Writing Since

Barbara Kingsolver: No Glory in Unjust War on the Weak

Barbara Lee: Speech to Congress - House of Representatives

Links From the International Press:
Articles from Afghanistan, Iran, Israel Pakistan & the Phillipines.

Links to Middle Eastern Newspapers: Israel, Jordan, Omar, Egypt, etc.

Amanda Majestie: Rich Man Wants a War

Wayne Madsen: Questionable Ties? Money leads back to Midland, Texas

Mokhiber & Weissman: Three Arguments Against the War

Monbiot: The Need for Dissent

Marta Villaizán Montalvo:
Rain of Depleted Uranium Over the Little Girl Island (Vieques, la isla nena)

National Day of Action for Peace & Against Scapegoating: September 20th
Vijay Prashad: War Against the Planet

Robert Rabin: Military Wages War Against Itself and Against the World

Robert Rabin: Revindications & Angels of Hope in Vieques

Phyllis & Orlando Rodriguez: Not In Our Son's Name

Flash Silvermoon:Blessing for 9/21/01 Equinox

Defense Stocks Surge 9/17/01, Led by Electronics

The Fall 2001 Poetry and Prose Section:
RL Baldwin: Gap. Generation or Just Khakis?

Abby Lynn Bogomolny: Attorney General Denounces Numbers Among Us | Dad's Promise

Bill Brauer: Limericks | Why Dad Hates Trains | Haiku |

Karen Finlay: Just for the Taste of It

Jane Freeman: Canto to "Cantaloupes | February 10, 2001 | Watching the 9 O'Clock News | The Dream/The Reality | The Truth About Friction

Dorothy Golubin: The Nightmare | The Water Heater |

Joy Luster: Walt | Letter from My Clone | Mother |

Lynn E. Levin: A Piece of Silk

Gertrude Martin: Moving to Washington | The Washington Years | Washington: Joys and Sorrows | Career Choices

Amanda Majestie Rich Man Wants a War, Then Goes to Hell

Marion Normart: Dear Abby

Gerald Zipper: An Incredible Monkey

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How You Can Be Published:

There are several ways. You can also send in poetry or short prose of your own to be considered for IN OUR OWN WORDS, our ezine. We also recommend looking at the Classifieds in Poets and Writers Magazine, visiting our Calls for Submission Page, or entering a contest, similar to our annual "Burning Bush Poetry Prize." Only entries that include a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) will be returned, so be sure to include this with your work. See our editorial philosophy.

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