Volume 2Fall '03

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Welcome to "In Our Own Words," the Ezine from BBBooks. We publish and distribute books, list "Calls for Submission," Contests, and Writing Classes here on our web site.

We are a grass roots organization, not a corporate entity, so we don't dance to the dollar sign. You can expect to find thought-provoking, creative, alternative writing, information and politics right here. We offer the "People Before Profits Poetry Prize" each year and offer all kinds of other stuff for writers, poets, students, educators, spiritual types, feminists, humanists, and activists. We're people who follow their conscience, but like to have fun too!

The writers in this edition of In Our Own Words range in age from their teens to their 80s and came to our attention as a result of their entering our annual PBPP Prize.

Our editorial philosophy is simple: Writers respond to life; they chronicle our times and remind us what it is like to be human. Extraordinary writing strikes a truth and reflects how events in our nutty world affect us. While vulgarity is often a part of our daily lives, the profane used for its own sake, rarely benefits anyone. Nevertheless, since expression is largely a matter of individual taste, we accept all styles and forms of poetry and prose. While the writing we've chosen reminds us that life isn't always pretty, we choose writing that reminds us that life can be extraordinary!

About Writing
Rarely do difficulties between humans have simple solutions that can be solved by "products" (other than basic food, shelter, medical care). Attempts to buy a remedy for an intellectual, emotional, spiritual quandary "in a box" inevitably masks and delays the hard work we must do to evolve as humans. Many writers discover, process, clarify and make evident their own and even our human collective intellectual, emotional and spiritual evolution through their work.
Should we choose to look outside ourselves to the ever-present, always-willing-to-hook-our-attention commercial media, we will be find simplistic formulas. Actual life is enormously complex. Commercial interests rarely present us with accurate versions of history.

At BBP we believe writing is an artform, a process, and a fundamental human right. We understand that all writing has a political context, even through omission. On the other hand, overly polemic, dogmatic writing does little to inspire readers to think for themselves. At BBP we wish to support the power to think independently, the most precious component of human free will.

BBP is not affiliated with any particular political or religious group. Writings contained on this web site do not necessarily represent the opinions of the staff or management of BBP.




Nantambu Abdul-Ahota
|| Crash Course ||

Leonardo Alishan || Tired Thoughts ||

Carol Alena Aronoff, Ph.D. || Kona Coffee ||

Forest Arnold ||
Fare Well ||

Lynne Bama
|| Supermarket Blues ||

Deidra Suwanee Dees
|| Muscogee Feathers ||

Joan Dugas || Moonwalk ||

Ann Folwell Stanford || Metallurgy: Symbol Ag ||

Kay Grindland || Tree, Trust and Truth Come from the Same Root ||

Brigette Hernandez || The Give Away || Indian Woman ||

Leticia Hernández-Linares || Sweat ||

A. Jabbar || Post-Mortem on Iraq ||

Donna Lisle Gordon || Decision || Impetuosity || Words Retrieved ||

Sara Littlecrow-Russell || Wounded Knees ||

Megan Morwen Johnstone
|| Pestilence ||

Barbara Leon
|| Rant : A Non-Poem for Bettie Lou Beets ||

Lyn Lifshin || Blue Sunday ||

Richard Luftig
|| Pruning a Limb ||

Kirk Lumpkin || Welcoming Invitation ||

Vladimir Orlov || The Shop of the Busy Ocean ||

The Overdue Train of Revival ||

Lottie Porch || The Future? ||

Lynn Veach Sadler
|| Appeal to the Lumbee ||

Vivian Shipley || May 17, 1720: Superiour Court Justice Counsels Elizabeth Atwood in His Chambers Before Sentencing Her to Hang ||

Ellen Stern
|| The Gravity of Combustion ||

Leslie Suzanne || Jalat Khan ||

Sue Swartz
|| Plague ||

Chris Volkay || The Cumulative Effect ||

Jose Zapata Calderon || Madre Mia ||

Gerald Zipper || Baked Boulders and Sand || Who I Am ||

 How You Can Be Published:

There are several ways. You can also send in poetry or short prose of your own to be considered for IN OUR OWN WORDS, our ezine. We also recommend looking at the Classifieds in Poets and Writers Magazine, visiting our Calls for Submission Page, or entering a contest, similar to our annual "Burning Bush Poetry Prize." Only entries that include a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) will be returned, so be sure to include this with your work. See our editorial philosophy.

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 "If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation wants crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightening. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters... Power concedes nothing without demand. It never did and it never will..."
Frederick Douglass 1857

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