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Public Call for writing for anthologies,
chapbooks, magazines, contests or other projects.
SASE = Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
(Always send an SASE when sending out work if you want it returned, and never send your only copies!)
*Oh, Yoohoo: If you find this list hopelessly out of date, don't despair.
MANY OF THESE CALLS FOR SUBMISSION ARE ANNUAL, even if you see an old date. Check out the website!
Wanted: A responsible and brilliant volunteer to keep this page current, earn soul points: write to us!

"SIXTEEN PIMPLES" IS A NEW BLOG LOOKING FOR SUBMISSIONS. Think about some of your most awkward middle and high school memories.  Which ones make you laugh today?  Submit here, then and now photos, plus any and all humorous stories from  your teenage years, how they relate to the person you are today, and  what you miss most from those hormone-ridden years.
To check out the blog, visit <> .

SHADES, a uniquely diverse publication celebrates ALL women of color: or ask for submission guidelines.


Pleeeeeze get me one soon.

WHOA BABY!!! BBBOOKS seeks a nonfiction manuscript that is "not too yucky" for an ebook. Sent two-page proposal, including abstract/summary of nonfiction book, target audience, marketing plan, and bio of author: Ebook Proposal, BBBooks, P O Box 4658, Santa Rosa. CA 95402. No get-rick quick plans or end-of-world scenarios, must be a nonfiction topic to improve people's lives or make them smile!! Witty, spiritual, wholesome humor a plus.! :-)

LYRIC POETRY REVIEW - THE LYRIC FAMILY PRIZE, deadline January 15th. One prize package of $300, a signed broadside from our series, a liftime subscription, and publication in Lyric, will be given for a poem or group of poems. Submit up to three poems with a $10 fee to Lyric Prize, PO Box 2494, Bloomington IN 47404

THE DREAM QUEST ONE POETRY & WRITING CONTEST is open to anyone who loves to arrange words into the beautiful art of poetry or write a short story that's worth telling everyone! And to all who have the ability to dream... Guidelines: (1) Write a poem, thirty lines or fewer on any subject, form or style. And/or (2) Write short story five pages maximum, single or double line spacing, on any subject or theme, fiction or non-fiction. Multiple entries are accepted. Postmark Deadlines (semi-annual): July 31st and December 31st each year.
Prizes: Writing Contest First Prize is $500; Second: $250; Third: $100. Poetry Contest First Prize: $250; Second: $125; Third: $50.  Entry fees: Writing Contest: $10 per short story. Poetry Contest: $5 per poem. To send entries by mail: Include title of poem(s) or stori(es), name, address, phone#, email, brief biographical info. (Tell us a little about yourself) on the coversheet; add a self-addressed stamped envelope for entry confirmation. Fees payable to: “DREAMQUESTONE.COM”, Mail to: Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest, P.O. Box 3141, Chicago, IL 60654. Visit

FUTURE CYCLE POETRY ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS For their new online and print publishing venture, you can submit via e-mail or through their web submission form. Submission guidelines available on the website. They pay with online publication plus one printed copy of the issue in which your work appears. Robert S. King, Editor, FutureCycle Poetry,

RATTLE accepting submissions of poetry written by Nurses For Winter 2007 issue. They are also looking for essays on the relationship between medicine/healing/nursing and poetry. For more info on these and other upcoming tributes (visual poetry in 2008, for example), please visit: The Rattle e-Issue, new this spring, is awarding the first annual Neil Postman Award for Metaphor -- a $100 prize given to the most exemplary use of metaphor in any poem we've printed in a given year. There are no entry fees, and every poem we publish is automatically considered. The goal is to at once honor the legacy of Mr. Postman, and to recognize and encourage the innovative use of language. Read the issue for more information, and reprints of the winning poems. Contact Tim Green -

For a book of photographs about the area, email Gail

Aracelis Girmay Books, Inc.
at Opera Plaza is excited to host Aracelis Girmay for the SF Bay Area reading debut of her new book TEETH (Curbstone Press) on Monday, June 25, at 7pm. Books, Inc. Opera Plaza is at 601 Van Ness Ave. San Francisco, CA 94102 (415-776-1111). For more information, contact Kevin.
Aracelis Girmay writes poetry, fiction, and essays. Her work has been published in Ploughshares, Salt, Bellevue Literary Review, Indiana Review, Callaloo, and MiPoesias, among others. Her first collection of poems, Teeth, is available from Curbstone Press, and her picture book was published by George Braziller in 2005. Girmay teaches community writing workshops in New York and her native California.

Best New Poets
is now accepting submissions.It goes on year after year, this is not an old listing, go to the website.
Annual anthology of 50 poems by emerging writers, where we define "emerging" as a poet who has yet to publish a book-length collection. You can view our full eligibility rules at
Closing date is usually in June, but check it out.

Opening for a poet-in-Residence in Pacific Grove.
Thanks to the generosity of the late Whitney Lathan-Lechich, the city of Pacific Grove is offering an enchanting, historic cottage, a three bedroom home at an affordable rent, for a poet-in-residence to promote poetry. Pacific Grove, a community with a rich literary heritage, already offers programs in schools and for seniors. The house is a short two blocks from the center of activity in P.G., within walking distance of restaurants and shopping. The poet-in-residence will have a built-in audience as well as the support of the whole community.
The Arts Commission will be available to assist the poet in developing programs. This would be a great opportunity for someone who has just completed a masters in fine arts program and is looking for a way to live cheaply in a beautiful place to work on establishing himself as a poet," Emerson said.
Qualifications: Those seeking the position must be published — or working on a book. It would help if they had a body of work to judge; they should be able to teach — not so much in school, but at workshops, especially workshops for children; a degree would help, but isn't necessary.
The combined household income should fall below 80 percent of the median income limit for the area. That is about $34,000 for one person. Rental of the cottage would be less than $1,100 per month (and as low as $550), which is below the current market rate of $1,500 to $1,700 a month in that area.
Candidates will be interviewed by the arts commission with the assistance of P.G. Librarian Jean Chapin and well-known local poet Patrice Vecchione.
Prospective candidates can pick up an application at either the Pacific Grove Library at 550 Central Ave. or the Community Development Department in City Hall at 300 Forest Ave, Pacific Grove. The application can also be downloaded at The deadline for submitting a completed application is May 11.

We are seeking stories that illuminate something about the experience of being bi. Stories can focus on relationships, romance, dating and sex, of course,but we’d like to see more than that. We’d like to see stories aboutrelationships with parents, relatives or children…Passover Seder anyone?We’d like a bi military story, a bi same-sex marriage story, a senior citizen story, a job discrimination or acceptance story, a story about a bisexual pet…from the pet’s point of view. We want to see bi athletes, bi cowboys, bi action-heroes, spies,super-heros and vampires. Bi friends go to a movie, bump into their exes who dumped them, and hold hands; pretending to be on a date.
Semi-autobiographical events written in short story format with names changed are welcome. Sex scenes in the context of a story are fine butthis is literary fiction: erotica not accepted.
Requirements & Publishing Info
There is no pre-set maximum story length,
we would accept even 100 pages if it was amazing.
A chapter (or chapters) of an unpublished novel may be submitted
if it can stand alone.
Deadline has not yet been imposed but we can’t wait to see your work!
We plan to submit to traditional publishers but if that doesn’t work out we will self-publish. Title page of manuscript should have in the upper left corner or centered on top: Story title & author's pen name (or legal name if the same) on first line. Author's legal name, email address, street address, phone number and genre of story below. Start story right below, no large blank space If story has been published anywhere before, please state when and where. Submit as attachment along with bio to Your bio should specify whether you are bi and if not, say what led you to write a bi short story.
If beginning work on a new story, send “intention to submit” to: or email Sheela Lambert
Visit my blog:

IN 2008 - Soapstone Residency Application Deadline August 1
Applications postmarked between July 1 and August 1, 2007 will be accepted for residencies in 2008.
For information about Soapstone’s residency program and to download an application, go to our web site:

The deadline for applying to the Surprise Valley Writers Conference (see has been extended from June 1 to
June 15 at the request of writers needing a little more time to polish their manuscripts. Workshops will be held for poetry, fiction and literary nonfiction writers. William Kittredge is the keynote speaker. The dates for the conference are Sept. 20-23, 2007

Deadline: due in office October 1, 2007 for the residency season of the following year.
$30 application fee is required. International applicants must pay a $50 fee. The Millay Colony accepts residents solely on the basis of artistic merit. Artists of all ages and in all stages of their careers have come to the Millay Colony to avail themselves of the privacy and freedom that are the hallmark of a Millay residency. The Millay Colony admissions policy does not discriminate with regard to race, sex, sexual preference, religion, marital status, disability, or nation of origin.
Location: New York
Requirements: Ph.D./M.D./Other Professional
Abstract: The Millay Colony for the Arts hosts writers, visual artists, and composers in a setting designed to accommodate creativity. Open all year, the Millay Colony gives each artist a private studio and separate living quarters.
Millay Colony for the Arts
454 East Hill Road
P.O. Box 3
Austerlitz New York 12017
+1 (518) 392-3103 or

The Evening Street Review, A Grand New Poetry Journal
This will become an important publication credit for those published there.
Please send new polished work on-paper poems using old fashioned professional submission processes.
The Evening Street Review
c/o Grigsby and Knott, Editors
7652 Sawmill Road, #335
Dublin, Ohio 43016-9296
Jennifer Bosveld
Pudding House Publications
Ohio State University Press Journal Award in Poetry
Deadline: September 30, 2007Sponsored by Ohio State University. In addition to publication, the winning author receives the Charles B. Wheeler prize of $3,000.
Entries of at least 48 typed pages of original poetry must be postmarked during the month of September. Entries postmarked later than September 30 will be returned unread. Non-refundable handling fee of $25.00.
Requirements: Graduate Student, Ph.D./M.D./Other Professional, Undergraduate Student
Contact: Poetry Editor
Ohio State University Press
180 Pressey Hall
1070 Carmack Road
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1002

from Smartish Pace. Three Winners and all Finalists published in Smartish Pace. First Prize: $200. Fee: $5 for 3 poems/$1 each additional poem, payable to "Smartish Pace." Deadline: August 15, 2007. Submit on-line, or send (w/SASE) to: Smartish Pace, P.O. Box 22161, Baltimore, MD 21203

from Smartish Pace. Three Winners and all Finalists published in Smartish Pace. First Prize: $200. Fee: $5 for 3 poems/$1 each additional poem, payable to "Smartish Pace." Deadline: November 1, 2007. Submit online, or send (w/SASE) to: Smartish Pace, P.O. Box 22161, Baltimore, MD 21203. Prize Judges: Clare Banks & Traci O'Dea, E-mail:

Calling All Children's Book Publishers -
Entries now being accepted into the inaugural 2007 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards
Early Bird entry fee deadline June 15th See
We welcome and encourage all children's book authors, illustrators, and publishers to enter their 2006/2007 releases in the first annual Moonbeam Children's Book Awards, designed to honor the year's best children’s books.
This new book awards program is accepting entries until August 1st, 2007 for books with 2006 or 2007 copyrights or that were released in 2006 or 2007. Results will be announced in early November. The contest is presented by Jenkins Group and their book marketing webzine, Independent Publisher Online, sponsors of the popular Independent Publisher Book Awards.
Early bird entry fee deadline: June 15th postmark or online entry. Pay $75 per category through June 15, 2007. Regular entry fee thereafter is $90.
Complete entry guidelines and secure online entry form at:
The Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards bring increased recognition to exemplary children’s books and their creators, and to support childhood literacy and life-long reading. The new awards program will recognize books in a wide range of children’s publishing categories, from board books and alphabets books to young adult novels and multicultural non-fiction. The Moonbeam Awards also acknowledge excellence in specialty categories including Religion, Holiday, Interactive, and Audiobook, and give special awards to Best First-time Author and Best Children’s Book Illustrator.

Complete entry guidelines and secure online entry form at: <>
Let me know if I can answer any questions or help in any way. Thanks and best of luck!
Jim Barnes, Awards Director
Email: Moonbeam Children's Book Awards
Independent Publisher Book Awards
Jenkins Group Inc.
800.644.0133 x1011

What About Peace? A contest to encourage high school students to think about peace...Tell us your thought, ideas, belief, feelings and experiences in one of these categories: music, painting/mixed media, short story, post/comic/graphic, poem photograph, sculpture, essay. More than $5,000 in total prized. Visit whatabout peace for prize information, rules, dealines and entry forms.
No charge to enter.
(high school students only) FMI: Info@whatabout

Write a poem for the Iraqi People, something that you want to express to their citizens:
WHO CAN ENTER?-- anyone, any age can write a poem and be included in
"The Gift of Words: Poetry for the Iraqi People"

FRUITION: Poems will be translated into Arabic, put into a booklet and sent to the Iraqi people.
CELEBRATION: Dec. 3, 2006 on completion of project. Email for location and potluck .
Please include your full name, phone #, along with your email address if you have one. CLOSING
Send poems to c/o Pleasanton Poet Laureate, PO Box 520 Pleasanton, CA 94566 or email it to

Koret International Jewish Books Awards
invites submissions from publishers for the annual award recognizing excellence in Jewish writing. Prizes of 5,000 will be awarded in four categories: Jewish Fiction, Jewish Life/Living (incl biography/history/culture), Jewish thought, Jewish Children's Literature. Guidelines and submission forms.
or Jewish Book Awards 90 Oak Street, P O Box 9129 Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464

Pacific Rim Review of Books
is published three times a year. We're proudly West Coast with an international horizon. Our subject matter has a solid literary backbone and encompasses Ecology, History, Health and Medicine, Diplomacy and Political Science, Music and Visual Art, Architecture, Asian-Pacific cultures and ideas, and East-West spiritual interconnections. We're interested in good writing and interviews with good writers. Our contributors include world authorities in their respective fields of inquiry.
Writers are asked to study the Review to get a handle on our approach to language. No triflers please. We favour clear speech. Stifling academic/professional jargon cannot be considered. It is recommended that writers submit a query letter first before sending material. Find out more about the Review, or to subscribe ($10 per year - three editions, or $18 two years - six editions): The Pacific Rim Review of Books , Box 8474 Main Postal Outlet , Victoria, BC , Canada V8W 3S1
phone & fax: (250) 385-3378
Trevor Carolan, International Editor, Vancouver, BC :
Richard Olafson, Senior Editor, Victoria, BC :

ARABESQUES PRESS IS ACCEPTING manuscripts, submissions of poetry, critical essays, creative non-fiction, plays, fiction, and interviews for the next english issue of their print magazine and for their annual books publications program. Arabesques emphasizes the deep importance of cultures and civilisations dialogue in contemporary writing. Open to all writers in English; welcomes
international submissions. Past contributors include Pamela Uschuk, John Balaban, Jeffrey Beam, James Sallis, Ranjit Hoskote, Arlene Ang, Corey Mesler, Kate Clanchy and Cyril Wong.See our web site for details:

ANTHOLOGY OF POSITIVE STORIES AND ESSAYS ABOUT WOMEN AGE 50 AND OLDER. Will consider submissions (max 3000 words) in 3 categories: 1. doing thing normally considered "young" (eg. having adventures), 2. facing challenges of later life with strength (eg. loss). 3. enjoying benefits unique to maturity (eg. increased freedom or independence). Please email to and send printed copy with SASE to NewAgingWomen. 3C2 Candlewyck Drive., Ithace NY 14850 Deadline 1/31/04.

invites submissions to its fifth annual NW Perspectives Essay Conest. $500 and publication in the summer 2004 issue Student winner receives $250 and publication in the magazine. Entries should address ideas that affect the Northwest, should be non fiction, should not have been previously published and should be no more than 2, 500 words. Student entry no more than 2,000 words. No entry fee. Contact Brett Capbell, Oregon Quarterly ,130 Chapman Hall 5228 University of Oregon , Eugene OR 97402 or 541-346-5047

The Great Amer. Poetry Show: Submit poetry: any subject, style, any time with sase: P O BX 69506 W. Hollywood CA 90069

MCLI is preparing a vital publication, and we want it to include the names of the thousands of people and groups that have been affected by the "PATRIOT" Act and similar acts and directives. YOU CAN HELP. Send us case histories of people whose rights have allegedly been violated since 9-11, so that we may include them in our book. MCLI, PO Box 673 Berkeley CA 94701-0673 <>

Write for due date
The Bellwether Prize for Fiction, awarded in even-numbered years, consists of a $25,000 cash payment to the author of the winning manuscript, and guaranteed publication by a major publisher. The author will collect royalties in accordance with a publishers contract.
The Bellwether Prize is unique; no other major North American endowment or prize for the arts specifically seeks to support a literature of social responsibility. Its intent is to advocate serious literary fiction that addresses issues of social justice and the impact of culture and politics on human relationships. The prize is awarded to a previously unpublished novel representing excellence in this genre.
Applicants for the Bellwether Prize must be U.S. citizens who have some previous publication record, but who have not previously published a book that sold more than 10,000 copies. The submission must be an original, previously unpublished novel at least 80,000 words in length. All submissions must be accompanied by an application form and $25 processing fee.
The Bellwether Prize was founded and is fully funded by Barbara Kingsolver. Judges for the previous prize were Ruth Ozeki, Grace Paley and Terry Karten. The board of directors for the Bellwether Prize are Barbara Kingsolver, Frances Goldin and Arthur Blaustein. Other members of the advisory board are Ursula K. LeGuin, Russell Banks and Martín Espada.

The People Before Profits Poetry Prize has been renamed "The Burning Bush Poetry Prize."
$200 first prize. Guidelines here. Read previous winner entries too!

George A. and Eliza Howard Foundation Fellowships in Creative Writing -

The George A. and Eliza Howard Foundation is accepting applications for fellowships in creative writing in English, including novels, short stories, poetry, plays, essays, and creative nonfiction. Who is eligible: applicants who are in the middle of their careers, generally with the rank of assistant or associate professor, or the nonacademic equivalent. Applicants should be professionally based in the United States, regardless of their country of citizenship. Total amount to be awarded and number of awards: 10 awards for a total of approximately $200,000. Amount of individual awards: approximately $20,000 for one year.

Imagining Ourselves: An Anthology of Art and Ideas from The International Museum of Women in San Francisco, California: aims to give a powerful voice to a new generation of women internationally. A global anthology of contributions from women in their twenties and early 30s, the book will include a wide variety of mediums -- from poetry and essays to photography and reproductions of visual art. We're looking for creative and dynamic young women from all backgrounds and in ever corner of the globe-- artists, athletes, photographers, activists...Tell us what defines your generation! Show us the world you live in and the one you wish to create!
THEMES: Body (fashion, disease/illness, sports, sensuality/sexuality, dance and movement, pregnancy...) Identity/Borders (All the cleavages which divide us: nationality, ethnicity, race, gender,language...)(Political systems, human rights, power in the household, between lovers, personal empowerment) Spirituality (religion, ritual, deity/deities, what's bigger than us...) Family (ancestors, mother/daughter connections, parenthood, childhood, marriage...) Work (the office, the farm, the factory, our material possessions) Land/Earth (Food, nature, ecology, animals, physics/physical science) Connections/Community (Friendship, Romantic relationships, commmunity groups, collective experiences) Invent Your Own! FMI &guidelines: <> Email: <>

PRISM International
is seeking drama submissions. For guidelines:

New Millennium Writings: Cash prizes:best fiction/poetry/nonfction ($1,000) Due date: June each year.. SASE to NMW Rm E, POBox 2463, Knoxville, TN 37901

Campaign for Establishment of an International Poetry Museum: We ask all poets to send in their TWO BEST LINES and poetry buffs to send in two lines from their favorite poet. With two lines please enclose $5 to help the promotional campaign for the IPM. (Sponsors include Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Adrienne Rich, Robert Hass, Robert Bly, Rita Dove, Robert Creeley, Galway Kinnell, Maxine Hong Kingston, Alice Walker, Mayor Willie Brown, Philip Levine, Nellie Wong, Wanda Coleman and many/many more). Send entries to: IPM Campaign c/o Nat'l Poetry Association, 934 Brannan St., 2nd Floor, SF CA 94103.

Cherokee Men: Graduate student seeks submissions of any genre from Cherokee men for anthology: SASE for returns. Mail to EA Roastingear, 22 Brannen Circle, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

CALYX announces second annual Lois Cranston Memorial Poetry Prize.
Publication plus cash award. FMI SASE for CALYX, Lois Cranston Poetry Prize, POBox B, Corvallis OR 97339 or see web site --

Nationwide Anthology Project:
Pay tribute to fallen friends and survivors of Sept 11. Send poetry and prose (400 words max) to Wayne College Librarian Stepanie Livengood, PO Box 185 Smithville, OH 44677 or email Please include name, address and occupations. All 50 states will be represented.

Ludlow Press is looking for novels: 40.000 words/lively smart compact novels. For guidelines.

Literature of Palpable Quality: Bellingham Review publishes outstanding poems, stories and essays. Send work & SASE to Poetry , Fiction or Creative Nonfiction editor: Bellingham Review, Mail Stop 9053, Western WA Univ., Bellingham, WA 98225

The Monday Poetry Report seeks poets to feature in its weekly email newsletter. Send 4-6 poems embedded in an email (no attachments) plus a short bio to

Editor Kenneth Gurney of Mountain Poetry seeks reviewers for a new poetry book review section. The format is not yet set in stone, so you can get in on the ground floor and help shape the concept. Visit website or email Kenneth directly at if you are interested in this opportunity.

Spire Magazine needs essays, poetry, nonfiction, and very short fiction for Fall and Spring issues. We favor work from younger writers and minorities, but, although all submissions must include your age, quality is more important. Send your best work. See fmi: Spire Magazine 532 LaGuardia Pl #298, NY, NY

The Atlantic Monthly invites submissions of poetry, fiction and personal or journalistic essays for its next Student Writing Contest.
Categories: poetry, fiction, and personal or journalistic essays Cash Prizes
Send SASE FMI to Student Writing Contest, The Atlantic Monthly, 77 N. Washington Street, Boston, MA 02214

Nervy Girl! Magazine (a publication devoted to intelligent writing for, by and about women) is looking for submissions of articles, poetry, fiction and essays for its Food for Thought issue. This issue will be all about food ñ whether we have a love/hate relationship with it, whether we can't cook or we create 20-course meals for a living, whether we grow our own or canít stand anything thatís not out of the box, food is a huge part of our lives. Weíll cover food addictions, grandmaís sweet potato pie, the fast-food lifestyle, and anything else that makes our mouths water and our tastebuds tingle. For guidelines write to or visit our website at

580 Split, published annually seeks innovative prose and poetry. SASE or visit website for guidelines. Reads Jul 1- Nov. 1: 580 Split P O Box 9982, Oakland, CA 94613-0982 web:

ArtemisPress is an Internet-based, non-subsidy, royalty-paying electronic publisher of original fiction, drama and nonfiction works of interest to the worldwide lesbian community. We are dedicated to publishing titles that reflect the strength of our community and the diversity of our life experiences. For submission guidelines, please email or visit our website at We specialize in working with unpublished authors. Email:

Living Spiritually in a consumer society! Seekings poems, short short stories: consumer culturn media monopoly, pollution, cost-effective health and environmental habits: Pudding House is also fishing for new poets for Pudding Magazine and, anthologyies and chapbooks. See for details. Pudding House, 60 N Main St, Johnstown OH 43031.

Grant Opportunity GIFT OF FREEDOM AWARD - A Room Of Her Own Foundation is granting up to $50,000 in a Gift Of Freedom Award payable over a two-year period to ONE qualified female writer (fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry, playwriting, screenwriting).  The successful applicant will have a well articulated project concept and a clear plan for how it may be accomplished.  Further info:

Into the Teeth of the Wind is seeking the highest quality poetry and cover art submissions for its quarterly issues. Please send up to five of your best unpublished poems or 3 color slides/prints along with SASE. The Teeth of the Wind, College of Creative Studies, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA 93106

In Our Own Words: the Ezine from bbbooks seeks quality poetry and short fiction. Deadlines to submit work are June 1, 2003 for Fall 2003 edition; and December 1 for Spring 2004 edition. Please include a 25-word bio about the author. Poetry sent by mail will only be returned if accompanied by a self addressed stamped envelope. Mail to Burning Bush Publications, "In Our Own Words," P O Box 9636, Oakland CA 94613. (Please do not email your submission. If we select your work, we will ask you to email the work. Thanks).

<> Ludlow Press wants your poems! Submit up to 6 originals in any form, previously published OK with acknowledgment. E-mail submissions only. Please send only ONE e-mail with all your poems cut and pasted into the body of the message (no attachments at all!) and mail to <> - use "Poetry Submission" as the subject. We also welcome short fiction and novel submissions.

Poetry Motel is seeking poetry for our magazine and our broadside series. Send 3-6 pages. No deadline. refer work under one page. Submit to Poetry Motel, P O Box 103, Duluth MN 55801

New electronic publication
is seeking submissions for next issue. Seeking poetry, fiction, artwork and creative non-fiction, prefer works with a speculative/surrealist/philosophical angle. Reprints are welcome as this is a non-paying venue. All works are beautifully presented and illustrated and author is given a maintainable bio box. Take a look at on-site guidelines for more details. Any questions? Email:

Other Great Online sites for Writers: writing &

EDUCATORS: Website devoted to Teaching Tolerance seeks new ideas, lesson plans and student writing as an educational resource. <> FMI e-mail to or

CONQ Enterprises London: A body based on poetry and short stories. We are looking for a platform to introduce our work internationally, and have considered your company to be a possible channel. The poetry produced is consistently aimed to uplift its readers, the short stories-metaphorical tales of determination and the value of the Spirit. You have the option to either contact us: OR Tel: 07764755753

Nature Poetry Competition. Awards: Publication & Cash prizes. Nature-based poems 35-lines maximum, double spaced. Cover sheet with author's name, title--Poem title on ms. Originial unpublished ,otherwise unsubmited poetry.
FMI send SASE to Editor FOA Journal, PO Box 45, Bar Harbor ME 04609

Short Fiction Wanted for Punk Planet Magazine. Submit by email where possible. No limits on content or language. Word limit 1600. Small payment and contributors copies for published stories. Print magazine published bi-monthly.,, Leah Ryan, Fiction Editor, PO Box 464, Chicago, IL, 60690

The Hurston/Wright Legacy Award: a national award to writers of African descent ($10,000 first place, $5,000 finalists in each category., Categories: 1) first fiction (debut novel, novella, collection); 2) fiction
(novel, novella, collection); 3) nonfiction (autobiography, memoir, biography, history, social issues) Full length, single-author books published in the U.S. (or U.S. Editions/translations) published between January &December. Books must be submitted from the publishing company. Contact for details: <>

LILLIPUT REVIEW, Don Wentworth, Editor, 282 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201Lillie is a small (pocket-size) journal specializing in short poems that range from haiku to graffiti and all points in between and beyond. The latest issue includes excellent work from Gurga, Lifshin, Huffstickler, Zeiser and Sagan. Every fourth issue or so is a broadside featuring the work of a single poet. Send your short (10 lines or less) poems to Don Wentworth in batches of three with SASE. Check out the website FMI:

Resources for writers from PEN OAKLAND
. See <>
Pen Membership Information <>

Ninth Annual White Pine Press Poetry Prize accepting submissions. The award is $1,000 and publication, open to U.S. citizens only. Reads original manuscripts up to 100 pages, no translations. FMI send SASE to White Pine Press Poetry Prize, White Pine Press, P.O. Box 236, Buffalo, NY 14201

TWO LINES: A JOURNAL OF TRANSLATION Original translations into English of writing from any genre--fiction, poetry, reportage, legal documents, advertising, oral histories, diaries, proverbs, case studies, essay and short articles will be considered. For current them of new issue: SASE to PO Box 641978, San Francisco CA 94164,

Information and entry forms for the PEN Center USA West 2004 awards are now available online for the book categories Please visit the links below for entry forms and information:

BOOK Categories info

BOOK Categories entry form

Journalism, Drama, Teleplay, and Screenplay info

Journalism, Drama, Teleplay, and Screenplay entry form

If you need additional info, please email or call
the PEN office at 213-365-8500.

EROTIC BLISS: Please submit your erotic work for consideration for publication in the newest Sacramento erotic journal BLISS. Send your submissions to Please include a short bio and contact information., Rhony Bhopla 1-877-ZTEL #626280T

NYC POETRY <> Quarterly online publication seeks work commemorating those people lost and the tragedy in general.

From SEP 11th, 2001 - THE POET'S RESPONSE: Write and ask if this book came out. All proceeds were to be donated to the LFFF providing assistance to the families of those who so bravely offered their lives to save others. email:

THE PO' POETS PROJECTS now publishing the work of low income folks in the SURVIVL HAND HANDBOOK on gentrification, eviction and homelessness.. (415) 863-6306 or email Free workshops too:

As publisher and editor of an independent source of information and inspiration, I feel that it is my duty to provide a forum for the discussion and implementation of Peace. It is my belief that the only mission to any part of the globe that should proceed, is a Mission of Love. I ask you to send your submissions of Poetry and Essays on the subject of PEACE, to <>, and to visit <>

GHENT is a monthly print magazine which will publish only LETTERS. It may be America's only
monthly epistolary print pub. They need letters -- or poems that take the form of a letter.
The premier issue has correspondence from Sydney Schanberg (NYT correspondent of
"Killing Fields" fame) and Hunter S. Thompson.Write for details.
Ghent Magazine invites anyone so inclined to write a letter to Ghent about their experiences during the attack and its aftermath. Where you were when the first plane hit, where you went, what you saw, who you talked to, and how you felt. Also what you think about the attack, its roots, the media coverage and the impact of that coverage. Where do you think we go from here as a city and as a country? e-mail:

Camillo DiMaria: We are compiling a memorial booklet of poems dedicated to the memory of those people injured or lost on 9/11. Send up to 3 poems no longer than 30 short lines, MSWORD attachments preferred, to <> There will also be a televised memorial poetry tribute in conjunction with this publication.

From <> Poetic Voices: In an effort to make sense of recent events, Poetic Voices is asking you to send your poems for a special anthology. Please lift up your voice. <>Kim Cotton

THE ART DEADLINES LIST: Excellent "calls for submissions" for writers and visual artists.
FMI Box 381067, Harvard Sq Station, Cambridge MA 02238 (617) 576-1214,

CURBSIDE REVIEW, monthly poetry magazine in Houston, would like to see no more than five of your poems, each one 50 lines or less, mature, crafted work with a 9X12 SASE. Answers in 2 months, pays
in copies. Send a #10 SASE for a sample copy. FMI: Curbside Review, P.O. Box 667189, Houston, TX 77266-7189,

26x26: An Abecedarian Is still accepting poems. Check here for details & examples:

Seeking multicultural stories of what it means to be human. New anthology from Red Hen Press. Send SASE fmi to Kate Gale, Editor, PO Box 3537, Granada Hills, CA 91394.

Anthology of letters from women readers to women authors: thoughful, personal and specific. Emphasis on feminist, womanist, lesbian-friendly authors. All genres. Send SASE or submit up to 10 pages to RE Pray, Anthology, 4104 24th St, #667, San Francisco, CA 94114

On the Page Magazine publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction. Upcoming themes include adult adolescence, failure, home and escape. FMI visit or send SASE to PMI#74, 2124 Kittredge St, Berkeley CA 94704.

24601, a magazine of ideas, is now accepting electronic submissions. The magazine is actively seeking fiction, drama, and essays on cinema, jazz and modern art. No genre fiction or works associated with transient cultural trends. Payment will be offered for certain material. Please send work as an attachment in MS Works to the assistant editor at All submissions will be acknowledged within twenty four hours. Tim Marchman , 720 Classon Avenue #2, Brooklyn NY 11238

Poetry Anthology about animal rights: Send SASE fmi to Editor, PO Box 640746, San Jose, CA 95164

Soliciting poems for publication on and as a chapbook! 26 poems will be selected, 26 words per poem: First word starts with A, second with B, and so forth. Robert Pinsky read his (it began "Any body can die...") at the first People's Poetry Gathering. Send to: or Box 660 Cathedral Station, New York NY 10025
Here's an example by M. Balistreri: Are babies crying? Does every family grate? Heave it; jettison kin. Loosen malice's noose. Old Pop's queer ruses strangle. This unchurched vagrant world x-actoes your zeal.

Poets' Visions International seeks finely crafted poems for monthly newsletter. Send submissions to Sol Rubin & Beatrice Diamond, Poets' Visions, PO Box 40 New York, NY 10038. Ask about the seniors writing group meeting monthly in Bklyn NYC.

REGISTERED NURSES: Seeking submission for all-new volume of Between the Heartbeats: Poetry & Prose by Nurses ( Univ. of Iowa Press) Send SASE & TWO copies of up to six poems, short stories or creative essays about your work in nursing to Cortney Davis, PO BX 678, Reading CT 06896

Writers Looking for a Publisher?
See Council of Literary Magazines & Presses online directory. Another good source: Dustbooks Directory of Small Magazines & Presses.

New Horizons, a creative resource for people over 50,
seeks articles 250-350 words (pays .05 a word) that highlight activities and pursuits of interest for people of 50. Deadline the 15th of each month. FMI: Contact Norman Rasmussen, Editor. New Horizons, 484B Stow Ave., Oakland CA 94606 with a description of your article. (510) 834.8308

OH-ONE Writing Awards sponsored by The Peralta Press, a West Coast literary journal. All writers welcome Cashaward for best poem, best short fiction, best short creative non-fiction. Deadline August 2004, Send to Jay Rubin The Peralta Press, College of Alameda, 555 Atlantic Ave., Alameda, CA 94501

Seeking poetry for an anthology Against Police Brutality: A Collection of Societal Conscienceness. Send SASE for guidelines to:
Ann McCall, P.O Box 741, Nyack, NY 10960 or

Seeking poems about Alzheimer's disease for an anthology. All emotional reactions or relationships to the disease (patient, caregiver, friend or relative of patient) requested. Send SASE w/work to Ellen Goodman, 378 7th St, 3L Bklyn NY 11215

A warning from the Author's Guild: Anyone considering publishing through iPublish should proceed with extreme caution. Their contract takes a broad list of rights, far exceeding what is necessary for e-book publishing, pays low royalties for e-book rights, exposes authors to substantial liability for frivolous lawsuits, gives Time-Warner the option to tie up print rights to an author's work for $5,000, and allows Time-Warner, regardless of the success of an author's current work, to secure the print rights to the author's next work for $5,000. Ask yourself: what's in it for you?

Poems, Essays and True Stories by American Indian teenagers and young adults 12-22
wanted for anthology to be edited by Annette Ochoa and Betsy Franco. Send SASE for guidelines to P O Box 60487, Palo Alto, CA 94306. or email Betsy Franco at

Bottomfish Literary Magazine.
Seeks quality fiction and poetry. Send writing w/SASE to Randolf Splitter, Bottomfish, English Dept., De Anza College, 21250 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino CA 95014

Hi, Voices! The literary magazine at Middlesex Community College, is sponsoring a nationwaide community college writing contest. We are offering prizes of $75 for First Place, $50 for second place, and $25 for third place for the best works submitted in the following catagories: Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-fiction, Science Fiction and Fantasy, and Essays of Ideas and Community Values. If you would like an e-mail flyer sent to you within 48 hrs, please send a request to the following e-mail address:

Mindprints is a new, college, literary journal for writers and artists with disabilities or those with an interest in the field. We are currently seeking short, short fiction, short memoir, poetry, art and photography for our second, annual issue. Short shorts and memoir of 250-750 words; poetry to 30 lines and black and white photography or artwork. We accept one time rights and also reprints. Payment in contributor copies. Deadline: 3/1/04 Send typed/double-spaced submission(s), cover letter with short bio and SASE to:
Paul Fahey, Editor, Mindprints, A Literary Journal, Allan Hancock College, 800 South College Drive, Santa Maria, CA 93454, (805) 922-6966, ext. 3274

Porter Gulch Review of Cabrillo College seeks quality fiction, poetry and short screenplays. Send to Porter Gulch Review, Cabrillo College English Dept. 6500 Soquel Dr., Aptos CA 95003 and send email submissions by 3/1 to

Poetry wanted for "Poet's Visions," poetry of interest to seniors: edited by Sol Rubin and Beatrice Diamond: P O Box 40, New York, New York 10038

Educators and producers seeking historic radio tapes and programs from the 1960-1990s, check the excellent Audio library of the Freedom Archives, 522 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 863-9977

Lee & Low Books has a Call for Submissions for their New Voices Award at
Lee & Low Books, 95 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016 (212) 779-4400 ext. 28
one of the few publishing companies owned by people of color, makes a special effort to encourage new writers.

Hi! My name is Sophie Harding. I am putting together an anthology looking at Health issues relating to Black Women, First Nations Women and Women of Color across with various abilities. I want women to write about their different experiences and ways that they have dealt and are dealing with various illnesses in their lives. Send SASE for guidelines to Sophie Harding, 61 Markbrook Lane, suite 702,Toronto,Ontario, M9V 5E7 or call 416-746-5802,

New discussion board where writers can share moments and's a chance to share some experiences, some writing, and some tips on how to get involved in the environmental writing scene. This is a site that is connecting to professional writers: Terry Tempest Williams will be involved in the next event -- Charles Bergman, who writers regularly for magazines such as the Smithsonian: Susan Zwinger, who writes books and many articles -- Chuck Bowden, an editor for Esquire magazine and national writers -- and so forth. It can be a nice place to perhaps make a contact. Go to

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