Vol. 4 Spring '07

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The Spring edition is dedicated to Tiny Johnetta Knox,
May 27,1922 - Feb. 25, 2007
About Tiny Johnetta Knox and her Poetry.

Table of Contents

Caitlin Cooey: Elizabeth and Proctor

Scott Ensley: Morning Light - NOT!

Taylor Graham: Fences

Lisa Gurian: Because of Cats ||

Kim O. Johannsen: Alone in the Dark || Exoteric Relevations

Tiny Johnetta Knox: Racial Pride

Lyn Lifshin: A Day After ||
When I Think of That Woman, A Farm Woman, Daughter of a Chicken Farmer

Lauren Reynolds: I Love

Samara Seibel: Five Roses || Rain and Sun

Jessica Saltzer: Stop Looking at Me || Sushi: An Ode To An Abby || Sacrifice

Penny Skillman: Bird

Jeanine Stevens: Calendar Print






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