Volume 4 Fall '06

I pledge a grievance
Jennifer Juniper Jupiter Jones

"I pledge a grievance
to the flag
of the plighted stakes
of America.
And to the republics
upon which it stands
one nation,
playing God
blind and visible
with the illusion of liberty
and justice for all."


* * * * *

Jennifer Benorden dropped out of the prestigious William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas (her native state) in 1986 after becoming disillusioned by the presumption of objectivity. She felt very strongly that objectivity on the part of a reporter, an editor, or a newspaper was a journalistic ideal that was rarely if ever practiced if even possible at all - and so pursued the more philosophical degree of "Liberal Arts". Since graduating and moving to northern California in 1991, Jennifer, also known as Jennifer Juniper Jupiter Jones, has pursued many different outlets in the field of communication: columnist, musician and recording artist, improvisational live theatre, poetry, and spoken word. In addition, she performed and produced a one-woman show made for television, and most recently the award-winning, "4 Directions" television show, where she is bringing her unique and unobjective perspective about different social and environmental justice issues to the airwaves.

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