Volume 2Fall '05

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Dedicated to Frances Bogomolny, 1917-2005
About Frances Bogomolny and her Art.

Table of Contents

Ted O. Badger: Changing Gears

Sarah Browning: The Fifth Fact

Sharon Chmielarz: Fire and Water || At a Window in the Woods

Calokie: A Neoliberal PA$TORAL

George Gott: Stasis #002 || Stasis #004

Ebony Evelina Kelley: Osama

Persis M. Karim: If Dr. Williams Was Alive

Abby Bogomolny: Port of Oakland || Hearses, Tickets and Toilets || Dirty Area

Earleana T. Stewart: I want my daddy Back!

Barbara Wagner: Foster Child

Honoring Gloria Anzaldúa

*Photo /Image ©2005 Abby Bogomolny

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How You Can Be Published:

There are several ways. You can also send in poetry or short prose of your own to be considered for IN OUR OWN WORDS, our ezine. We also recommend looking at the Classifieds in Poets and Writers Magazine, visiting our Calls for Submission Page, or entering a contest, similar to our annual "Burning Bush Poetry Prize." Only entries that include a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) will be returned, so be sure to include this with your work. See our editorial philosophy.

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