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Choice Bits
Dion Farquhar

      The deepest is the skin.
                                                --Gilles Deleuze, The Logic of Sense

In the beginning
                was the algorithm
                to reason’s drive-by shooting         (itself in the foot)


the costs of incarnation
any Buffy                                     the Vampire Slayer
                watcher                                     can tell you
return as the repressed
                                farce                the second time around
that would have been merciful                        (sufficient, too)

but instead:

                lives are ruined every day
                people die
                they cry real tears
                elections are decided for us

                and real choice                     like reading     books

                shrinks every day
                                to what can be squeezed in
                amidst endless care-taking
                                the old, the young, the sick
                and daily life speed-up
                                shop, cook, clean, care

Choice is everywhere and nowhere
                                diet or regular
                                DSL or dial-up
                                ATM or credit
                                anti-depressants or libido

The Time of Oughts
the next millennium
is here and we’re in it
up to our eyeballs.

So let us open the door
to the undead of our desires
antiphonal swing
a solidarity forever
living full the lives we’re in

with all the horror
                & the beauty
                                & the loss

be cheered by other things:

                the choice bits

& loves and passions                       

                                big and small

and friendships                                   


by Sisyphian smarts



Dion Farquhar was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Burning Bush Poetry Prize 2009 for "Choice Bits."

Dion Farquhar is a poet and fiction writer with recent poems in of(f) course, BlazeVOX, Hamilton Stone Review, Right Hand Pointing, Shifter, Fifteen Project, Ep;phany, etc. Her chapbook, Cleaving, won first prize at Poets Corner Press in 2007, and her first poetry book, Feet First, was a finalist for the Sinclair Prize and will be published by Evening Street Press in early 2010.


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