Volume 5 Fall '09
The Literary Journal from Burning Bush Publications

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Guest Editor for Fall '09: Leah Gerber

Dr. SS Bhatti: All Sensory Pleasures Have Their Instrinsic Limit

Randall Brown:

David J. Delaney: Sharing Some Tea

Don Farquhar: Choice Bits

Leah Gerber: Where the Footpath Ends

Erna Hennessy: On Going to Prison

Arthur Winfield Knight: Hard Cider

Elen LaFléche: Breaking the Spell

Marina Manoukian: Swinging Free

Eric Martin: A Child's Song

Lesléa Newman: What the Angel Really Said

Andrew Oerke: White Chickens

Aviva Rosenthal: One More for My Tailfeathers Baby

James Savage: Home Improvement

Shawn Sorensen: An Eight Hour Tour, An Eight Hour Tour

Andrea L. Spanel: Ode to A Middle School Crush

Birdie D. Stringfellow: An Old Lady Speaks

Fredrik Zydek: Let's Hear It for Faithful Dissent

New Books: Recommendations

How You Can Be Published
There are several ways. You can also send in poetry or short prose of your own to be considered for IN OUR OWN WORDS. We also recommend looking at the Classifieds in Poets and Writers Magazine, visiting our Calls for Submission Page, or entering a contest, similar to our annual "Burning Bush Poetry Prize". Only entries that include a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) will be returned, so be sure to include this with your work. See our editorial philosphy.

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